Craigmore Sustainables has released its second Impact and Sustainability Report in 2022.

The report features case studies that highlight some of the steps Craigmore is taking to contribute to Aotearoa New Zealand being a leader in the production of sustainable food and fibre. View the full report here.

Read about a range of initiatives from across the business including technological trials from measuring soil carbon, testing methods for GHG efficiency in cows, kiwifruit improvements, programmes that promote healthy soil and water, and how we are helping people grow through personal development, training and opportunities.

We are proud of our achievements to date and are determined to maintain our commitment to the Sustainability Principles on which Craigmore was founded more than a decade ago, and to build on the positive outcomes for our businesses, for the families and communities with whom we work, and for our supportive capital partners.

Published: 31 October 2022