Craigmore - Farm and Forest Investments in New Zealand

Craigmore manages farm, horticulture and forest investments in New Zealand. Established in 2009 by two New Zealand family farmers – Forbes Elworthy and Mark Cox – Craigmore now has a highly experienced team managing a mix of dairy, grazing, forestry and horticultural properties spread over both islands and more than 18,000 hectares. Our aim is to be a long-term producer of high quality food and forest products, managing the land sustainably, and working with the best managers in New Zealand.

Forbes Elworthy tells the story of the Craigmore philosophy and how it has formed the basis of our farming strategy.

The Farm. Best home of the family. Main source of national wealth. Foundation of civilised society. The Natural Providence.

Charles. W. Elliot, President of Harvard University (1869-1909)