Impact & Sustainability Reports

Our Impact and Sustainability Report highlights the influence that Craigmore has on the environment, communities and stakeholders. We focus on our commitment to continuing our journey and the conversation around sustainability.

Download the 2023 Impact & Sustainability Report.

Download the 2022 Impact & Sustainability Report.

Download the 2021 Impact & Sustainability Report.


Responsible Investing

Responsible investment recognises that environmental, social and governance factors can impact the financial value of an investment and that investments impact the world around us.

Craigmore’s Responsible Investing Policy  applies to all investment decisions of Craigmore Sustainables Group LP and its associated entities via its Investment Committee, and ongoing risk management, compliance with laws and regulations, community and stakeholder engagement, and transparency and reporting.

Craigmore has been a signatory to the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2012. Download our UN PRI Public Transparency Report 2020.