2023 has been an incredibly challenging year for the New Zealand horticulture sector with growers suffering significant damage and loss both in their business and personally. So the regional young grower competitions have been a welcomed opportunity for the sector to look ahead and celebrate the next generation of leaders and growers.

The young grower of the year is an annual competition run by Horticulture New Zealand to select the finest young grower in the country. Fruit and vegetable growers complete in separate regional competitions with the winner from each of the six regions competing in the National Young Grower of the Year competition, with the winner having the opportunity to compete in the Young Horticulturist of the Year.

In July, the Craigmore team in Gisborne ran the Hortisport event as well as the Health and Safety station for the Gisborne Young Fruitgrower competition, followed by the Hawke’s Bay team leading the same event in mid-August.

We were incredibly proud to have Larissa, Leading Hand at Glenpark Orchard and Awatea, Orchard Hand at Coxco, take party in the Gisborne competition, with Larissa taking out the Pest and Disease section and then to have Nga, Foreperson at Springhill Orchard compete as a finalist in Hawke’s Bay for the second year.

Craigmore’s Business Manager for Apples, Ben James says supporting the future of young fruit growers goes to the heart of Craigmore’s purpose and vision.

“The future of our sector lives in the regions and we feel a deep sense of responsibility to foster the talent in our businesses to ensure we are resilient, have depth and able to provide benefit back to our rural communities.” said Ben.

Craigmore’s horticulture business is proud to sponsor the 2023 Young Horticulturist of the Year with finals to be held in Auckland in November.

Published: 27 August 2023