Sustainability Principles

We have nine Sustainability Principles at Craigmore, on which the business was founded in 2009, which are at the core of our culture. Sustainability means behaving in ways that leaves the world in a better place and allows the generations that follow to continue to earn a living from the land. Craigmore also seeks to identify ways in which we can deliver a positive impact. We regard it as a privilege and a responsibility to manage land, soils, water and other natural resources for the long-term.

Craigmore sustainability principles

What are your Principles?

On each of our farms and orchards, and in each of our dairy sheds and wool sheds, the Craigmore Sustainability Principles are posted on the wall, as everyday guidance for decision making.


1. Enhance the safety, skills and job satisfaction of our people

2. Promote open and honest communication with all parties

3. Promote well-balanced communities


4. Grow healthy and safe products

5. Protect and enhance animal welfare, biodiversity, soil and water

6. Minimise risk from use of chemicals and atmospheric pollution


7. Think long term and reward the team for behaving as owners

8. Measure risks and manage them to appropriate levels

9. Maximise profits within the above ethical and risk constraints