New Zealand is the largest exporter of milk in the world, earning it the title of being the “Saudi Arabia of milk protein”.

  • 15,000 cows

    Craigmore's total herd size

  • 37%

    Milk traded globally from NZ

  • NZ$22bn

    Fonterra’s revenue last year

  • 690,000

    the number of people to whom Craigmore could continually supply milk on a daily basis

Where does your milk go?

Ninety-five percent of NZ’s milk is exported and a large proportion of that is to Asia (especially China, Vietnam). Dairy consumption in Asia is growing rapidly as the increasingly wealthy population is moving to protein based diets. Our milk is processed and marketed by Fonterra, NZ’s principal dairy co-operative, the world’s largest dairy exporter. Fonterra’s consumer brand business portfolio, such as Anchor, Mainland and Anmum, delivers our milk to the consumer in the form of dairy products ranging from yoghurts to baby formulas.