Ed von Randow

Ed joined Craigmore as the Pod Manager of the North Otago Taitonga Pod, overseeing Abercairney, Arnmore, Waiareka and Windsor.

Ed moved to New Zealand when he was 10 years old having been brought up in England and Germany. He began working on farms from the age of 15 after school and during school holidays. Upon leaving school, Ed initially worked on sheep and beef farms, before starting his dairy career as a herd manager in Southland, looking after 500 cows. He then progressed to become farm manager of a 2000 cow herd in Southland, with his responsibilities including the day to day running of the farm, hiring staff, overseeing the budgets and co-ordinating contractors.

After seven years as farm manager, Ed was promoted to Operations Manager in charge of three 1000 cow dairy farms, and three support blocks.