The 2015 Craigmore Scholarship

Our 2015 Craigmore Scholarship has been awarded to Fatima Jamal.  Fatima is studying towards a PhD at Lincoln looking into bioenergetics of soil bacteria’s special attenuation protein TRAP. Fatima was very gracious and extremely honoured to receive our scholarship of $5,000 and passes on her thanks and appreciation to everyone within Craigmore.

Fatima’s research plan is looking into the bioenergetics (thermodynamical) aspects of an attenuation protein (TRAP- Tryptophan RNA-binding Attenuation Protein) functioning in a bacteria (B.Subtilis) to perform the attenuation process.

The research will utilize software to generate models and simulate the process. The outcomes will prove beneficial for improving fundamental knowledge of these bacterial strains, but also the knowledge can be used in the future to better understand other possible advantages (or disadvantages) of this bacterial species on the New Zealand’s Agricultural system, of most interest is its potential to act as a substitute for chemical pesticides.