Quality Product

High quality food and fibre with reliable provenance, and secure traceability are integral to the brand of the New Zealand food, farming and forestry sector. This is at the forefront of our farm and forest management practices at Craigmore, where we also seek to identify new, added value, market opportunities for our products.

Here are some examples:

Organic Gold Kiwifruit: growth in demand for organic gold kiwifruit has outstripped supply; to meet some of this demand, Craigmore has cut-over a number of orchards to the G3 gold variety, and are now managing them to organic standards, delivering added value along with reduced inputs.

SafeNZ: the SafeNZTM certification label was developed by Mark Cox, Craigmore Co-Founder, more than 15 years ago, as a means of assuring customers in Asia of the quality of the production systems in place for CoxCo squash, pumpkins and other fresh produce.

Lead with Pride: For those products, which we do not market directly, such as milk which is sold and processed through third parties, Fonterra and Synlait, our guiding principles and farm-specific sustainability plans ensure that all our produce is produced to the highest standards. This has been recognized by the award by Synlait, processing customer for some of the milk produced by Dion Gordon in the Coastal Canterbury Pod, of the Gold plus standard for farm management systems.

Forestry: All our forests will be managed under the global forest management benchmark of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. However, Craigmore will go much further than FSC and has developed a unique blueprint which will better integrate forestry and farming, protect and enhance biodiversity through use of native tree species, enhance social benefits from extending forest management activities and provide public enjoyment in established forests.