Quality Management

“You’ll never beat the family farmer”:
This was a favourite saying of Sir Peter Elworthy, founder of Craigmore Farming Co. in 1960. At Craigmore, we align ourselves, both operationally and structurally, with some outstanding family farmers, because we believe they are the very best operators.

Craigmore owner-operator values

For many of the senior Farm Managers who work with Craigmore, the opportunity for equity participation is both a significant stepping-stone to owning their own farm, and an opportunity to use their management skills across a wider range of farms.

Farming is a local industry, each farm is different, and daily decision making varies widely by sector. At Craigmore, we seek to delegate that daily decision making to the farm, and provide the most comprehensive support to Farm and Pod Managers, and to create a culture of competitive improvement.

“Successful farm management is about making 20 small decisions every day – and getting 19 right”

Prior to joining Craigmore, Dion and Kristie Gordon (pictured above) were managing four large dairy farms with 4,000 cows. Since becoming equity Pod Managers with Craigmore, Dion and his family have become co-owners and managers of their own farms, having provided equity capital for a proportion of the Craigmore Coastal Canterbury Pod of farms.

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