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Discussions on global food and timber markets hosted by Craigmore

Expert forum 7

Forestry Carbon and Climate Change: Investing for the Future

Craigmore farming and forestry experts, Che Charteris and Nick Tapp discuss the economic and environmental benefits of forestry with New Zealand as a case study.

Craigmore Virtual Field Trip March 2021

A Day on the Land – a Virtual Tour of Craigmore’s New Zealand Operations

A multimedia presentation showcasing Craigmore’s farms and forests and the people who run them

Expert Forum 6

New Zealand Forestry: Delivering Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Returns

Discussion of the dual benefits of New Zealand Forestry – a natural asset that sequesters atmospheric carbon while delivering returns to investors

Expert Forum 5

Carbon Markets and the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Craigmore Discussion: Carbon Markets and the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme; and Update on the Craigmore Partnerships

Expert Forum 4

Investing in Sustainable Food

A panel discussion on initiatives in investing in sustainable food and the implications for the food and farming industries

Expert Forum 3

Forestry in the Age of Monetary Finance

A panel discussion on investment in, and long-term ownership of forestry to deliver financial and environmental returns against a backdrop of policy innovation

Expert Forum 2

Is Cross Border Trade Necessary for Food Security?

A review of global food trade flows as they address questions of security, with a particular focus on the trading relationship between New Zealand and China

Expert Forum 1

Agriculture and Energy: Breaking the Link

Will agriculture finally out-perform energy? Exploring possible developments in food and energy prices