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Agricultural Investments New Zealand

Our Values

To guide our people’s decision making and behaviour we have three values that are core to our operations.


Understand tomorrow, act today

We ‘look beyond the fence’ and challenge today’s norms.

We believe in turning knowledge into action, sharing what we learn with others, and having the courage to act now for a better tomorrow.

The value is symbolised by the Koru (fern frond), which represents growth and regeneration.


Connect and Empower

Empowerment is at the heart of Craigmore.

We believe that our people are best positioned to make decisions about operations, so we give them the space and support to do just that.

The value is symbolised by the Pikorua (double twist),which represents an enduring bond between people in spite of barriers of time and distance.


Deliver with Integrity

Get the job done, right.

We deliver on expectations and are honest and transparent when we fall short. We lead by example and celebrate our achievements.

The value is symbolised by the Waharoa (gateway), which demonstrates our commitment to ‘go through the front gate’ and be straight up with others.