Career Pathway

Craigmore aims to nurture young and talented farmers to aspire to leadership in the New Zealand farming industry. Craigmore awards scholarships to final year students at Lincoln University, who have shown particular and innovative interest in relevant subjects in the farming industry. On-farm, younger members of staff can progress from shed-hand to 2iC to his/her manager, and then on to Farm Manager. Some will progress to become a Pod Managers, responsible for a group of farms, in which they hold a minority equity interest, and with a number of Managers reporting to them.

Craigmore career pathway
  • Step 1

    Craigmore’s Lincoln University scholarships or experience as a Dairy Milker are great ways to start to a career in farming

  • Step 2

    After gaining experience on farm, the next step is to be 2iC, supporting a Farm Manager or Single Herd Manager

  • Step 3

    Promotion to Farm Manager requires strong leadership and technical knowledge of animal husbandry and pasture management, or horticulture crop management

  • Step 4

    An experienced manager of multiple herds or orchards will have the track record to become a Craigmore Farm Manager, ultimately progressing to a Pod Manager

Most of our farms are managed as one of a ‘pod’ of three or four farms located in close proximity.  Each of our Pod Managers and their families, who have an equity investment alongside Craigmore in the farms for which they have management responsibility, lead a group of Farm Managers.
The Craigmore management team feel a sense of ownership and pride in their farms. Our ambition is to build teams to deliver the long-term productivity of each farm, and for each Farm Manager to achieve their potential.