We are fortunate in New Zealand to have excellent pasture that grows all year round to feed our cattle, unlike most global beef production, which is largely grain fed.

Carigmore beef
  • 1:2 vs. 1:4

    the ratios of good Omega-3 to bad Omega-6 fatty acids in grass-fed and grain-fed beef

  • 3.7 million

    the head count of beef cattle in New Zealand

  • 80 %

    The proportion of NZ production that is exported

  • 45 %

    The proportion of beef exports that goes to USA

Pasture over Grain Fed?

Our grass fed beef has excellent nutritional qualities containing high levels of
Omega 3’s and CLA, which have cancer preventative properties and help with
brain function. These nutritional benefits combined with NZ’s focus on animal
welfare and healthy products, makes NZ beef highly regarded by global