Owner-Operator Values

“You’ll never beat the family farmer”: This was a favourite saying of Sir Peter Elworthy, founder of Craigmore Farming Co. (1960). At Craigmore, we continue to partner with the family farmer because we believe they are the very best operators.

Craigmore owner-operator values
  • 97 %

    The percentage of NZ farms that are family owned / operated

  • NZD 10 million

    The average price of a NZ dairy farm

  • 9

    The number of "sheds" on the North Otago Pod

  • 6

    The current number of Craigmore equity Pod Managers

Partnering with Craigmore

Those managers who partner with Craigmore have a significant stepping-stone to owning their own land and running their own business. Prior to joining Craigmore, Dion and Kristy Gordon (pictured above) were managing four large dairy farms with 4,000 cows. Since joining as share-farmers, Dion and his family have become owners and managers of their own farms, having capitalised a proportion of the Craigmore Coastal Canterbury pod of farms.

The land at Wairepo was previously utilised for grazing. After acquisition, Dion began the conversion to dairy to increase its productivity and profitability. After investing in the cows, irrigation, the dairy sheds, staff housing, effluent systems, fences and lanes, the Coastal Canterbury pod is now a state-of-the-art dairy group of farms with nearly 3,000 cows.

Now that this first major steps of development completed, Dion and Kristie over-seeing a team of farm managers. With a 10 year sustainability plan in place, (managing fertiliser inputs and run-off, etc.) they are focussing on looking after and improving the farm systems to increase sustainable productivity into the future.