Food Assurance

Food integrity is at the forefront of our farming practices at Craigmore. To give assurance to the market, we pioneered a food quality assurance system, SafeNZ. With SafeNZ and other quality assurance systems and measures now in place, the country has a well-established and hard-earned reputation for producing safe, high quality meat, dairy and horticultural products

  • No. 1

    SafeNZ is Craigmore’s best selling horticultural contract

  • 20%

    The price premium Coxco's squash initially attained after the SafeNZ label

  • 1998

    The year the SafeNZ asssurance system was developed

  • 15%

    The proportion of squash exports to Japan & Korea with a SafeNZ label

What’s the story?

The safety of agricultural products has been an increasing concern to the global market for a number of years. Mark Cox, CEO of Craigmore Farming and founder of Coxco, soon realised the benefit of assuring his customers that his produce was safe and of high quality when marketing to the Asian markets.

Fifteen years ago, Mark developed a system for recording the inputs to Coxco’s squash production around Gisborne. Field representatives began monitoring aspects of the system such as fertiliser and chemical use, disease history, and crop variety. All produce that was compliant with Coxco’s set standards was marked with a SafeNZTM label. On launching the assurance label, Coxco’s squash became recognised for its quality production control and was highly desirable to the Asian consumer.

Since Coxco joined the Craigmore family, the SafeNZ label is being extended to other products produced by the group. Currently, our squash is sold directly to the leading Japanese and Korean supermarkets, and our blackcurrants are sold to Ribena drinks, all under the SafeNZ label.

For those products that we do not market directly, such as dairy which is sold and processed through Fonterra, our guiding principles and farm-specific sustainability plans ensure all our produce is safely grown, re-assuring these down-stream processors.

Please see more information on Coxco and SafeNZ.