Career Pathway

A career with Craigmore aims to nurture young and talented farmers to aspire to leadership in the New Zealand farming industry. It begins with scholarships awarded to final year students at Lincoln, and from there progression from Herd Managers to Farm Managers, then to Craigmore’s Pod-Managers.

Craigmore career pathway
  • Step 1

    Craigmore’s Lincoln University scholarships and experience as a Dairy Milker is a great start

  • Step 2

    After learning the farm processes, the next step is to be number two supporting a Single Herd Manager

  • Step 3

    Promotion to Herd Manager requires strong leadership and technical knowledge of animal husbandry and pasture management

  • Step 4

    An experienced manager of multiple herds will have the track record to become a Craigmore Farm Manager, ultimately progressing to a Pod Manager

What is our farm operating structure?

Each of our dairy farms is managed as one of a ‘pod’ of farms located in close proximity. Each of our Pod Managers and their families, who have shared equity with Craigmore in their farms, lead a group of individual Farm Managers.

Our Head of Farming Mark Cox leads the team providing support to the Pod Managers, with a strong team of General Managers for each sector, and accounting support. They provide the tools for the on-farm managers to do a great job.

Each on-farm manager is directly responsible for the husbandry of the crop and for the performance of their individual property. The selection process is thorough, and, once selected, Managers are well supported by their Pod Managers.

The Craigmore selection process can begin early. We have a scholarship programme for Lincoln University ag students, awarded to those who we believe have a passion for farming and the potential to achieve much in the sector. But it doesn’t need to start here; we support and encourage entry to the Craigmore team at all levels.

The whole Craigmore farm management team feel a sense of ownership and pride in their properties. Our ambition is around building the long term productivity of each farm and each Farm Manager to achieve their potential.